Humma 55-25 55T Crane

The Humma 55-25 55T crane combines the highest lifting capacity and dynamic leveling suspension to create the safest pick and carry crane available.

Huge 55T lifting capacity with advanced dynamic hydraulic suspension allows the Humma to operate in places never thought possible. With automatic levelling engaged, the Humma can pick and carry over uneven ground up to 5 degrees side slope without need for deration charts. Fully road registerable in ALL SATES on annual permits.

The dynamic levelling suspension is a worldwide first for a crane of this type. Side slopes are the biggest cause of crane accidents reported. Even an incorrectly inflated tyre can put an articulated crane into a dangerous side slope condition. The Humma’s custom designed suspension will automatically level the crane chassis while lifting and mobiling to ensure the chassis stays level. This allows the operator to complete their lift safely and quickly without the need for derating SWL or planning out their travel route as required on other cranes.

Achieving 85km/h road speeds and being road registrable in select states means the Humma is versatile and can be moved from site to site with ease. Dual 12” colour touch displays provide the operator with large, easy to see controls and an array of engine and crane diagnostics. The custom designed control system incorporates winch hours, crane hours and travel hours for easy crane life monitoring. Dynamic load charts supply the operator with the maximum SWL for every orientation of the crane, including the articulation angle. Stationary lifting charts are also included to provide a boost on SWL when not moving. Included is access to the data logger on screen for easy review. The information can be downloaded to a USB stick for viewing on a separate computer.

The hook blocks supplied with the crane are for 38T and 50T capacity. Included on the LMI is the hook selection feature that allows the operator to use any hook size they have available and have the LMI set to stay within the hook limits. The high capacity 2-speed winch has a line pull of 6.25T at the outer layer. Crane functions also operate at two speeds with normal and creep available. The crane control system will also slow the speed of the cylinders down before reaching their minimum and maximum stroke. These “soft stops” reduce wear from harsh operations.

Humma 55-25 is the new standard in high capacity pick and carry cranes.


UV55-25 55T Crane features.

  • Dynamic hydraulic suspension

    Allows pick and carry operation on uneven ground up to 5 degrees.

  • Dynamic load charts

    Maximum SWL calculated for exact position and articulation.

  • Data logging

    Winch hours, Crane hours and Lift logs recorded and able to be viewed on the displays.

  • Dual 12” colour touch screens

    Large easy to read displays for crane and instrumentation.

  • 5T Counterweight

    Removeable 5T counterweight for high lifting capacity.

  • Interchangeable hook blocks

    3 part 38T and 4 part 50T Hook block for operator flexibility.



Cummins ISC285
213 KW 1085 NM
Exhaust brake
ADR 80/02 Compliant


Allison 3000SP
Fully automatic 6 speed
TC417 Converter

Transfer Case

Marmon Herrington direct mount DTC60
No driveshaft between transmission and transfer case.
2/4WD & Hi/Lo air shifted
2.25:1 low ratio 1.09:1 high ratio


Kessler D91PL489 high-speed planetary axles
Wedge brake operation
Rear axle diff lock
Front wheel holding brake

Tyres and Rims

16.00 x 25 x 32pr cross ply tyres
25”x 11.25” 24 stud 425 PCD wheels


Hydraulic suspension with 3 modes.
1) Travel mode for driving.
2) Lowered and locked for conventional crane operation.
3) Dynamic levelling for crane operation on uneven ground up to 5 degrees.


Danfoss 147cc load sensing piston pump for steering and crane controls
Danfoss 45cc load sensing piston pump for crane suspension control.
Automatically controlled electric emergency steering pump
Danfoss PVG control valve with CAN Bus control.
Suction, pressure and return filtration with separate oil cooler.

Tank size

Diesel – 320L
Hydraulic oil – 320L


Rubber mounted for vibration and noise isolation
Standard features include:
Driver and passenger air seat
4 colour camera CCTV
Adjustable steering wheel
Separate heating and air conditioning units
Dual 12” Touch colour screens.
Joystick crane controls with winch speed and creep speed buttons.

3B6 Custom LMI

Winch hour logging.
Crane lift logging.
Lift logging review on screen.
Dynamic load charts.
No articulation “zones, SWL derates dynamically.
Stationary chart for extra lift capacity.
Automatic side slope deration if suspension locked.
Creep mode for fine crane controls.
Soft stops for maximum cylinder travel.
Boom raised while travelling alarm.
Drivers door open without park brake applied alarm.
Holding brake engaged while crane in movement alarm.

Articulation and Boom Pivots.

160mm diameter Articulation pins with adjustability.
180mm diameter Boom Pivot and Luffing pins.


4 part booms pressed and fabricated
Fully powered out to 20.7m
Dual hydraulic cylinders
6.25T single line pull Brevini winch
Grooved winch drum with rope tensioner
2 speed winch
Reeved 8 parts for 50T
50T and 38T Hook blocks.
Digital rope compensation.


10.95m long
3m wide
3.6m high
5.28m wheel base
5.0m inside wheel turning circle

Axle Loadings

Front axle 13,900kg
Rear axle 13,900kg

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