Humma Cranes

Humma Cranes was founded by DRA Group’s engineering division, Construct Engineering.

Construct Engineering’s extensive experience in pneumatics, hydraulics, structural design and engineering intertwined with their crane experience gave them the capabilities to launch the RC2020 project in 1996.

The project aimed to design the perfect crane resulting in a new level of crane product being developed that excelled in maximum safety for the operator, maximum reach and lifting capacity, greater reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Today, DRA Engineering prides themselves on their ability to listen to their customers and produce the type of the crane that is not only class leading, but also forward thinking.
The range of Humma Cranes are proven from a 2 year real world test to be cheaper to maintain and run than the competitors products. Fuel savings with the Cummins automotive engine was 25% better compared to the competitors crane in a general hire environment. They are safer and more stable on the road at speeds with cranes tested to over 100kmh. No dangerous death wobbles or shakes compared to the poorly designed competitors product.

Australian Made & Australian Owned

The range of Humma Cranes are 100% Australian Made and Australian Owned. DRA is a proud member of the Australian Made campaign. All fabrication is completed in house at our West Australian factory.

Australian Made

DRA Engineering History

The DRA Group is a family-owned and operated company, founded in 1971 in Melbourne, Australia.

The company is extremely diverse with a range of design and build projects in different industries being completed over the years.

DRA’s ongoing investment into research and development has allowed it to excel and innovate in coating operations, crane manufacturing, tank manufacturing and general engineering.

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