Humma UV35-25 35T Crane

The Humma UV35-25 35T crane is a highly versatile, high capacity pick and carry crane. The emphasis has been placed on operator safety and comfort while still retaining the toughness of a mine specialised vehicle.

The removable counterweight makes the crane at home either on a mine site operating at high capacity, or on the road at high speeds rushing between jobs. Airbag suspension provides the operator with an extremely stable, safe and smooth ride while at the same time reducing maintenance costs as there is no articulation and boom pivot wear. The automotive spec Cummins 8.3L engine is highly fuel efficient with up to 25% fuel savings over comparable machines. As standard, the engine is fitted with a Jacobs exhaust brake which supplies greater stopping power and greatly reduces wear in the standard braking system. All these features combine to produce a very low maintenance machine.

Humma UV35-25 has an advanced Load Moment Indicator comprising of Dynamic Load Charts. This system calculates the SWL for the operator for the exact boom angle and articulation angle which gives the operator their maximum capacity for each position. Stationary load charts are also standard. This provides the operator with a boost in SWL when the crane is stationary. A full automatic side slope deration system is included into the software when required. The system includes digital rope compensation. The winch rope is compensated for boom extension digitally which allows the operator to turn it on or off. This also allows the winch rope to be reeved easily over the top of the booms rather than internally, which greatly improves ease of rope replacement and maintenance.

These features combined make the Humma UV35-25 the smart choice for a high capacity Mine & Road capable crane.


UV35-25 35T Crane features.

  • Fully powered boom

    Four fabricated booms fully powered to extend to an impressive 20.9m of length with no manual extension required.
    Over 26M of boom length with optional telescopic flyjib.
    Fully digital rope compensation. Under boom sliding hooks allowing for low clearance lifting.

  • 3T Counterweight

    Removable 3T counterweight design to allow for easy transport between sites but still retain high lifting capacity.

  • Airbag suspension

    Airbag suspension provides the operator with unparalleled levels of comfort. More importantly it removes all shock loading and vibration through the crane chassis. This results in very low maintenance costs with no line boring of articulation or boom pivots required. This produces an extremely stable and comfortable crane to drive at high speeds.

  • Climate controlled cabin

    Separate roof-mounted over sized air-conditioning and in dash heating systems. Designed for operation in the harshest Australian climates up to 45 degrees.

  • 4 camera system

    A unique 4 camera colour system, featuring a rear and 2-side cameras, allows for full 360-degree vision. A 4th camera is mounted onto the boom to monitor the winch drum.

  • Seperate digital gauge display

    Separate colour LMI and crane instrumentation displays provide the operator with full control of their crane for easy viewing.
    Dynamic load charts provide the operator with the maximum SWL for every crane configuration possible.



Cummins ISC285
213 KW 1085 NM
Jacobs exhaust brake
ADR 80/02 Compliant


Allison 3000SP
Fully automatic 6 speed
TC417 Converter

Transfer Case

ZF VG 750
2/4WD & Hi/Lo air shifted
2:1 low ratio 1:1 high ratio


Kessler D81PL477 high-speed planetary axles
Wedge brake operation
Rear axle diff lock
Front wheel holding brake

Tyres and Rims

14.00 x 20 x 20 cross ply tyres
20”x 10” 10 stud 335 PCD wheels


Airbag suspension with shock absorbers
Front suspension lock pins for crane stability


Danfoss load sensing piston pump 147cc
Automatically engaging electric emergency steering pump
Electric proportional crane controls
Suction, pressure and return hydraulic oil filtration
Hydraulic oil cooling

Tank size

Diesel – 320L
Hydraulic oil – 320L


Rubber mounted for vibration and noise isolation
Driver and passenger air seat
4 colour camera system
Adjustable steering wheel
Separate heating and air conditioning units
AC unit oversized for Australian conditions
Murphy PV750 digital display with error logging
Robway or 3B6 Load Moment Indicator systems
Dynamic load charts including side slope and stationary mode.


120mm diameter articulation and boom pivot pins with spherical bearings
Adjustable articulation joint.


4 part booms fully fabricated
Fully powered out to 20.5m
Dual hydraulic cylinders
5T single line pull Brevini winch with tensioner
2 speed winch option
Reeved 6 parts for 30T
20T Rhino hook


10.7m long
2.7m wide
3.1m high
5.0m wheel base
5.0m inside wheel turning circle

Axle Loadings

Front axle 11,500kg
Reat axle 11,800kg

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